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Nervana Landing Page

The goal was to build multiple landing pages that would maximize conversion and address the user’s specific needs in a manner that was engaging, helpful and personal while creating a meaningful experience for them.

Barbara Russo - Persona
Devin Barrett - Persona
Susan Trujillo - Persona


Flexibility and Targeting

In response to needing each page to target specific pain areas connected to each individual campaign, we used targeted keyword filtering to dynamically populate each landing page to match the corresponding pain area campaigns.

The implementation of a popup form immediately upon page load offers the user the ability to fill out the form right away, but more importantly allows them to begin clicking and “touching” the site. Even though we anticipated the majority of visitors will close this window without filling out the form, this initial clicking or “touching” begins to psychologically familiarize themselves with the idea of interacting with the page and being more willing to fill out the form on the page itself.

By eliminating the use of links (with the exception of social media icons in the footer), the main objective is made to the user to fill out the form or call. The condition seeking treatment is automatically entered into the contact form while focusing on the next field for them to enter their name, drawing the user’s attention through color, generating the need to complete the addition empty form fields and addressing the individuals subconscious need to fill the empty spaces/fields (Horror Vacui).





Compared to previous landing page campaigns, bounce rate within the first 7 days was down from 87.6% to 63.7% and contact form submissions were up from 41 to 63 form submissions.